Radium Dry Break, 1.5In, Female, Remote Mount, Vented.

Radium Dry Break 1.5In Female Remote Mount Vented


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Radium Engineering dry break in for remote mounting to an external surface such as a fender. Requires a 77mm (3.03") hole to be fabricated. Includes 20-0549-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Vented as well as a gasket, stainless steel hardware, an aluminum housing and aluminum nut ring. The components, materials, and seals are compatible with all fuel types (unleaded and leaded gasoline, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.).
Filler Hose Requirement: 1.5"
Flange Outer Diameter: 4.75"
Bolt Circle Diameter: 4.25" PCD
Height: 4.08" (Dry Break to Barb)
Mate: 20-0496 Dry Break, 1.5in, Male

1. Does not include accessories to connect to the fuel tank.
2. Is compatible with the simple fuel cap (Radium 20-0548-V Fuel Cap, Remote Mount, Vented).

-20-0549-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Vented
-Flanged Fill Neck for 1.5" ID Hose
-Ozone/Flame Resistant Gasket
-Anodized Aluminum Nut Ring
-Stainless Steel M5 Bolts