Radium Complete Refueling Kit, Remote Mount 1.5In Dry Break.

Radium Complete Refueling Kit Remote Mount 1.5In Dry Break


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Radium Engineering Complete refueling kit includes 6 gallon fuel jug with dry break fitting, fender mounted dry break recepticle, and filler hose and fill neck. Compatible with Radium FCST fuel cells.

This option works for vehicles that require a quick-fill dry break mounted remotely from the fuel cell. The provided 6 gallon dump can features a leak-free dry break probe for quick fuel filling. The included flanged vented dry break receiver typically mounts to a body panel. A 1.5" fuel filler hose attaches to the provided Radium FCST mounted fill neck elbow. Unlike pressurized systems, this unique dry break configuration is permitted for most sanctioning bodies. A proper vent kit secures directly to the provided quick-fill 12AN DSV.