Radium Catch Can Kit Crankcase 11-14 Mustang Gt.

Radium Catch Can Kit Crankcase 11-14 Mustang Gt


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Radium Engineering Ford Mustang GT catch cans feature large 10AN ORB ports, a 4AN ORB drain port, 2-step oil separation baffling, and an O-ring sealed dipstick. These kits mount to the engine using factory holes on the valve covers and integrate perfectly with the surrounding components. These two oil catch cans (PCV side and Crankcase side) function completely independent of each other and are sold individually or together. They do NOT vent to atmosphere (VTA), thus are emissions and track legal. Closed loop systems remove the oil and sludge from the PCV gasses before it is routed to the engine to be burned. A closed loop system also promotes negative crankcase pressure for optimal performance. Furthermore, closed systems prevent unwanted oil vapors from entering the cabin. The dipsticks built into the catch cans allow easy inspection of accumulated fluid. No cutting, drilling or permanent modification to the vehicle is required.Direct bolt-in installation and retains the factory closed loop functionality. Increased engine performance from cleaner inlet air. Prevents oil buildup on intake valves and intercooler. Lowers hydrocarbon emissions

The Crankcase Vent (CCV) Catch Can Kits (11-14 = 20-0279-FL, 15-17 = 20-0287-FL) mount on the front left engine bank of the Mustang GT, as shown below. This catch can runs inline with the crankcase breather port. At low loads it experiences atmospheric pressure, but when the engine is at high load (WOT), this hose will experience high flow out of the crankcase. This would normally lead to oil and sludge accumulation in the air filter intake pipe. If the engine is turbocharged or supercharged oil accumulation can occur in the intercooler which can lower the thermal efficiency properties of the heat exchanger and lead to decreased performance.